PSG Is Getting Closer And Closer To Zidane

PSG is looking for a sidekick for its new project. Without communicating anything yet to Pochettino and waiting to formalize the arrival of Luis Campos as an advisor, as is the case at Celta, the name of Zinedine Zidane is again mentioned.

Even Macron, sometimes president of the French Republic, sometimes ideologue of a club in the Qatari capital, has once again shown his opinion. First with Mbappé and now with Zidane and his possible presence on the PSG bench.

The bet on the former Real Madrid coach is decided and the proposal is capable of moving Zidane from his Madrid refuge and his stated ambition to one day lead the French national team. Several months ago, the possibility of ZZ becoming Pochettino’s successor was raised, but the Argentine stayed until the end of the season, shaping a team that belongs to a complicated club to manage.

The likely arrival of Zidane has nothing to do with the continuity of Mbappé, at least personally. The financial offer and the possibility of managing a champion project with autonomy are the factors that could lead the three-time Champions League winner to say yes to a project to be defined. The other options that have presented themselves have not seduced Qatar, which happened with Zidane.

The times the name of the former Ballon d’Or winner has been linked to PSG, his Marseille origins and his Madrid past have been mentioned as obstacles to his arrival. The first is a matter of time. No more, no less. As for Real Madrid, it must be said that relations with the club are currently cold, not to say icy.

The departure a year ago, the farewell letter that followed and the silence during all this time, have placed the Real Madrid-Zidane relationship at a strange, but true, point of estrangement. The Frenchman celebrated on his social media accounts after the win in Paris, but it didn’t last much longer. In fact, over the course of the season, there was no contact or response from Zidane to messages received, including some from Ancelotti, with whom he shared the bench.

Madrid fans may be hurt that PSG has become Real Madrid’s great enemy, but Zidane is a professional who sees the Parisian club as a good option to add to his palmares. The three-time Champions League winner as a coach has not been a point of contention between the two clubs. It is a war that is not his and the distance with the current leaders “facilitates” the rapprochement.

A few years ago, Zidane became an ambassador for Qatar’s World Cup bid. For the moment, he has no other links than occasional promotional appearances. Adidas remains his main sponsor.


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