Di Maria and Mbappe

Di Maria Responds To Mbappé After His Controversial Comments About South American Football

Argentina Footballer, Angel Di Maria Responds To Mbappé After His Controversial Comments About South American Football.

Di Maria did not remain indifferent to the provocation of Kylian Mbappé. The latter usually avoids controversy in his statements, but he may have lacked skill at the time of the interview. After renewing his contract with PSG until 2025, the Frenchman got himself into quite a mess.

“Argentina and Brazil don’t play high-level games to get to the World Cup. In South America, soccer is not as advanced as in Europe. And that’s why, when you look at the last World Cups, it’s always the Europeans who win,” the striker told the Brazilian media.

After these statements, the first to react was the former Uruguayan striker Sebastian “Loco” Abreu, then Fabinho and finally “Dibu” Martinez. Even Leo Messi had some words to avoid entering the controversy. And now, the one who responded in the same way as the “10” is Angel Di Maria.


The striker, who scored a great goal against Italy in the Finalissima and was one of the stars, was asked about the sentence of Mbappé, who is now his former teammate since “Fideo” did not renew with PSG.

“There has been a lot of discussion because of what Kylian said, but we will play against those in South America, just as they will play against those here. We have shown once again that we are equal to those in Europe,” said Di Maria after winning the title at Wembley.

In the same vein, the Argentine added: “We have suffered a lot by losing several finals, so now we think it is something very good to be able to win two in a row. To be able to score a goal in a final match is something very important for me. There are teams that are very strong, but we are at a great level, we are candidates.

Di Maria has been linked to Juventus in recent weeks. However, the player assured that right now “I’m thinking about the national team. I’m on vacation now, so I want to focus on my family. When I’m done and I come back, I’ll see what my destination is”.

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