Kylian Mbappé: HERE Are Some events that would have Changed The Young Frenchman

Kylian Mbappé: HERE are some events that would have changed the young Frenchman


“It’s not the Mbappé I wanted to bring in, it’s another one,” said Florentino Pérez on El Chiringuito. What is the president of Real Madrid referring to? Has Mbappé changed so much? In recent months, the French striker has been involved in a series of episodes that take him somewhat away from that dreamer who only wanted to play soccer at the Bernabeu.


From the last summer transfer window, when Mbappé openly declared his intention to join the Spanish capital, to his resounding departure, declaring his undying love for France, a series of events have taken place that explain how the great star of world soccer has changed.


The hunt for Neymar

A few days after the transfer window closed, Mbappé was caught on the bench ranting against Neymar in a real “hot take”. Kylyan, visibly angry, was filmed saying “this ‘bum’ never gets past me”. Bum is a pejorative term similar to “shit” or “stinky”.


Crossword with Oukidja

During a Ligue 1 match between PSG and Metz, the French striker once again broke with the image of a calm and conciliatory player that has accompanied him throughout his career. After Hakimi’s goal, Kylian himself preferred to insult the opposing goalkeeper Oukidja before celebrating the goal with the rest of his teammates.


The goalkeeper, mad with rage, went for Mbappé who, surrounded by his teammates, ignored the anger of his opponent. After the game, Metz coach Frederic Antonetti was harsh on Mbappé. “I like Mbappé as a player, but he should behave differently if he wants people to like him. Mbappé would benefit from being more humble.


He was rejected by his national team.

Far from wanting to distance himself from his “superstar” status, Mbappé made an arm of honor to the French team that ended with a sit-down in good standing. The striker refused to take part in several advertisements for the French Football Federation (FFF) because, according to RMC, the player does not accept that his name and image appear alongside sponsors to which he is not linked.


This is the first time in the history of the FFF that a player has crossed this line. Delphine Verheyden, the player’s lawyer explains her client’s position. Besides the loss of income for the players, there is above all a great risk of distorting their image. Everyone is then free to decide if they want to keep this money or benefit soccer from below. This is where Kylian wants to intervene in what he generates “.

What was Mbappé hiding?

A few days later, images emerged of the striker covering with his hand an advertisement for Accor hotels, which the rest of his PSG teammates were wearing without any problem. The reason is unknown, but all indications are that Mbappé’s reasons are similar to those given with his national team. The new Mbappé takes care of all the commercial details and knows that he has become a money-making machine.


The idleness of the trident

PSG’s Champions League title was finally blown away in the mythical return to the Santiago Bernabeu, but a few months earlier, controversy erupted in another defeat for the Parisians, this time against Manchester City. At the end of the match, the most expensive offensive trident, composed of Neymar, Messi and Mbappé, was the target of all the criticism for its weak or null defensive collaboration.


An image showing these three completely out of the game went viral and suggested, for many, that the former Mbappé was starting to change.


Real Madrid betrayal

“In two weeks, Mbappé has changed his mind,” assured Florentino Pérez. The player himself had let Real Madrid know that his only dream was to play for Real Madrid. In a few days, he decided to abandon everything he had discussed with the Chamartin club to sign his new multi-million dollar contract with PSG.

European chauvinism

The latest statements of the French star, who praises European soccer, have caused a great controversy on the other side of the Atlantic. “In South America, soccer is not as advanced as in Europe. And that’s why, when you look at the last World Cups, it’s always the Europeans who win,” said Kylian.


These words have stung, accusing the player of a huge ego, and have already prompted a response. Liverpool midfielder Fabinho did not mince words: “We have to play in places like Bolivia, I do not know if France has ever played there. Also in Uruguay or Chile, places that you are not used to. I think that if Brazil and Argentina played in Europe, they would qualify as group winners in Europe.


El Loco Abreu was also keen to respond to Mbappé’s statements. “The Europeans win because of the number of Europeans who go to the World Cup. You have to look at the groups they have to qualify”.

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