Maria Tortolani, Sales Associate

Selling Property that Enriches Lives & NeighborhoodsMaria’s father and his 7 siblings were born and raised on Federal Hill. If you know Rhode Islanders…then it will be no surprise to learn Maria was also born and raised in Providence – not far from Federal Hill – in the Mt. Pleasant and Elmhurst neighborhoods!As a child, Maria’s interest in the arts began. She took dance lessons at the Federal Hill house and sang in the Robert F. Kennedy Elementary School Choir. She continued to dance and act while attending Nathaniel Greene Middle School.

Maria’s love for art prevailed at Classical High School. Her interest in historic architecture began as the result of a major history class assignment -a term paper that explored the history of Greek and Roman architecture in Providence. Maria became fascinated by the beautifully ornate designs …cultural significance… and architecture that has transcended time in value and influence.

After graduating from the University of RI with a B.A. in English, Maria continued singing and songwriting with her childhood friends. They rented various mill spaces throughout providence that included the Vingi Building on West River St. and Hathaway St. Complex. Maria’s love for music and historic architecture, combined with her appreciation for artists space and the hip West End culture…well, it’s no wonder Providence is still her home!

Maria has been a certified Historic Property Specialist by the Providence Preservation Society since 2003, when her real estate career began. Maria enjoys sharing her knowledge of Providence and her passion for preserving its historic integrity among buyers and sellers…selling homes that enrich their lives and our neighborhoods.

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